The abundance of “white threads” in the key episodes, repeated techniques and the designer’s hand clicking on the forehead of particularly naughty thugs lead to thoughts about Call of Duty. Fortunately, we are often released, and the brains of our enemies are good enough – try to shake off the “three-star” police “tail”! The trivial task – to get away from the flashing zone on the mini-map and stay unnoticed for five seconds – becomes much harder in narrow, short alleys of the industrial zone. The driving model helps to survive – moderately strict, so that the player could distinguish the “muscular car” from the roadster and feel the “charm” of driving without one wheel, but generous for Hollywood tricks. Tight, controlled skidding, dashing 180 degree turns, and jewelry maneuvering on a motorcycle in traffic – it’s no big deal!

The shooter part is also better, mainly due to the “sticking” to the walls, seen in Gears of War and kill.switch, the ability to shoot from hideouts and a system of point hits. Although the apt Niko can hardly stand in a hand-to-hand fight with Markus Phoenix – no reception against the chain saw! The gun solves the problem much faster than a simple fist fight, a baseball bat or a knife (useful, however, to silently eliminate victims). You can also use the website to find many useful things.

You have a huge family

Machine guns, RPGs, rifles and automatic rifles, combined, pale before the true attribute of modern homo sapiens – cell phone. Rockstar meticulously imitated the “cell phone”, up to a built-in organizer with an alarm clock, camera, design settings and a working keyboard (why look for a police car when you can dial “911”?). One of the options leads to the video editor, the other one launches the multiplayer, inaccessible through the main menu; it’s a strange solution, but it saves the city from long loading. If Niko goes to prison or hospital, a special SMS message will allow you to replay the mission after failure.

The address book stores the coordinates of friends and girlfriends. Each of the satellites, most of which Bellich meets in the plot, requires attention. Lunch in fast food, drunkenness in a bar, bowling, darts, cabaret, strip club, boat rides – there is enough entertainment in Liberty City. Having won 80% or more recognition, Niko acquires a unique ability. Brucie brings to the specified point on the helicopter, Roman calls a personal cab, Packy mines other people’s cars, Dwayne comes to the rescue with “brothers”, Jacob sells weapons at an impressive discount. Sometimes the buddies stuff themselves on a hike; if you refuse their request, the relationship will cool down.

Sooner or later you will get tired of them and forget about the electronic comrades, unless you care about the “achievement” associated with them. Much more interesting to fight online (fatal matches of different kinds, races, VIP escort, hijacking, taking over the territory, a few “cooperative” fun), however, for this you need steel nerves. GTA 4 depends on the service Games for Windows – LIVE, whose poor interface, which inherited from the Xbox 360, became a problem. By increasing the number of players from 16 to 32, Rockstar has not improved the filter matches and ignored the automatic team balancing.

All the power of the world

We received an ideological remake of Grand Theft Auto 3, which is a gift with a huge budget, another “cast” and strong playwrights. But we still want to pass it to the final credits. So… hey, director, keep shooting! If you are looking for a game account, you can find it here