The end result of gambling is impossible to predict. It is this uncertainty and inability to predict that excites gamblers around the world. Victories thrill and delight, defeats bring even more emotions, bringing the desired adrenaline. Gambling has a whole army of fans. Many of them believe that the main factor that affects the winning is luck, and try to lure her in every way to their side. In these attempts are born amazing discoveries. However, there are often completely ridiculous rituals that bear little resemblance to the behavior of ordinary people. It is also worth noting that if you want to start playing at online casinos, you should first explore this site So let’s talk about the most bizarre rituals in the world of gambling.

The winning dance

The author of a series of books on gambling John Grahovski once watched his brother play. He preferred slots and enthusiastically tried to hit the jackpot. John was no small surprise when he discovered that his brother was doing the jackpot dance before each spin. According to the player, these gestures more than once helped him in obtaining the top prize. Casino staff contemplated this action in mute bewilderment but did not do anything, since he was not the only dancer in the institution.

Native Tales

The use of the mythology of a native or, conversely, a foreign country, is a frequent phenomenon in the world of gambling. Casinos use various attractive themes in their design. Players respond in the same way, bringing legendary creatures, heroes, and even gods to their side. An Irish woman named Alice tried to attract fortune in her own original way. Trolls are often mentioned in the mythology of her homeland. The woman bought a keychain with the image of this creature and hung it on the slot in which she intended to break the bank.

A Clearly Determined Moment

Some people believe in the special qualities of certain moments in the game. There may be very rational explanations and completely convoluted peculiar conjectures. However, this type of “attracting luck” is very common. A man named Zachery was very serious about protection against fraud. Each time he came to the casino at the same time – during the change of dealers. At that moment, not only were the employees of the establishment changed, but new decks of cards were taken out of the pack. Zakhiri believed that the new decks could not be marked, and so he could play with the confidence of an equal chance of winning.

Original mascots

What players don’t bring with them to the casino. Lucky charms, “lucky” clothes, memorabilia. All this invariably helps them in the excitement. Sometimes it is even surprising how visitors to gambling establishments guess before using such talismans. A woman named Rosemary was a desperate fan of the evening bingo game. One day she took to the game a funny little key chain, which was made in the form of Elvis Presley in worker’s clothes. That night Rosemary was luckier than ever. Since then, she has carried that key chain with her at all times.

Winner’s Table

It happens that calculating and practical people also become adherents of certain traditions and game mascots. One man developed an interesting system. He didn’t use any mythical talismans or “luck dances.” This reasonable man knew about variance in gambling and understood that luck is just a mathematical fluke. However, he was scrupulous about finding a table. The point of his search was to have someone with a big bankroll and in a good mood sitting at the table he chose.

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