How to lead your team to success in Counter-Strike competitions? This article and tips are about that. In any game, experience plays a decisive role: days, weeks, months and years of training. It is impossible to sit at the computer as a beginner and become the Counter-Strike world champion in half an hour. Even players with the best reactions and eyesight had to go through years of training to make it among the top players. Consider the basic training techniques that will lead you to success and top CS. And if you also want to enjoy the game, we recommend you to visit

Counter-Strike LAN Championships

Competing in LAN tournaments is one of the most effective training methods. After all, this is what you train for, so a trip to a tournament will always be very useful for anyone who is trying to simulate LAN championship conditions. Because in this case you do not need to “model” anything at all, it is a perfect example of itself. Dream to play well in tournaments – go to tournaments as often as possible. When you play in tournaments – there’s money and honor at stake, everyone has the same computers, the same monitors, and the same ping. So if you lose, it’s only your fault. 

There is a small problem here: if you and your team are not playing very well yet, you should not go to distant competitions right away – you will be kicked out of the championship already after two or three matches. As a weak player, try to participate in local competitions taking place in your city. Then there will not be disappointment. However, LAN tournaments are always so stressful for the participating teams that the physiological and psychological stress will help your squad tremendously in building inner confidence.

And the more often you travel to tournaments, the more effective your training will be and the more often you will win. In addition to the training process LAN tournaments are important for talking with your teammates – you can get to know each other better, establish proper communication in and out of the game. The second problem with such tournaments – most of the time you will have to stand behind other people’s backs and look at other people’s monitors and at other people’s games. Don’t waste that time, discuss topics of interest to all of you, or take the time to make your own judgments about good team play.

Training on the LAN

The best way to practice and prepare for important games. The reason it is so effective is because it combines the pluses of every possible training method in general. You can watch demos together, you can discuss them, you can go to a server and practice something, you can participate in online championships from your club.

It’s very hard to notice and correct your own mistakes until someone points them out to you. If you’re not losing, it doesn’t mean that you’re not making mistakes – just until your enemies have found your mistakes and used them to their advantage. Even if you won the match – still look at the demo. If you can’t find mistakes, then discuss the enemy’s mistakes with your team – why did he make them, what was he trying to do? By analyzing even other people’s mistakes, you can avoid them in your own game.

The element of relaxation and fun in CS

One of the most important things during training is to be able to find something fun and somehow relax among the mass of calculated and routine training moments. Different teams deal with this issue in different ways. Some have a joker on the team, some take breaks and play 1×1 with another teammate. Sometimes a team will go to a public server and play against newcomers for fun. If you want to use recreation more effectively, you should look at the website